This resource is not supposed to be the definitive guide on Autism Spectrum Disorder. Rather it is a starting place for parents, teachers and other interested people to begin their journey into understanding ASD.

Because each student with ASD has unique needs and motivators, every programme has to be individualised. To help parents and professionals plan an individualized programme for their student, many website links with further information, have been included.

Class Activities

These activities give classmates a better understanding of what it's like to walk in the shoes of their peers with ASD.

Tips for Teachers

These tipes for teachers and teacher aides which show how to make school life easier for the student with ASD, their peers and school staff.

Pointers for Parents

Suggestions for parents about ways in which they could help their child with ASD.

Whanau Support Ideas

Ways to support Maori people with ASD and their whanau.

Further Information


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