photo1 Information about the project

There are four segments included on this disc. Each segment is targeted at a different audience.


Aimed at the Maori community to explain what ASD is and why sometimes children with ASD may seem unaware or insensitive to tikanga and kawa. Explaining how someone with ASD processes information and that they do not mean to be disrespectful by their actions.

Target: Kaumatua, Whanau and Support Agencies


Aimed at professional organisations, family and whanau, workplaces and the community in general. This segment gives you an overview on some of the things that affect people with ASD everyday in our communities. You'll also fi nd out some of the things that parents of children with ASD need to consider when interacting with others in the community.

Target: Emergency services, Clubs, Dentists, Doctors, Support agencies, Caregivers, Family/Whanau, the Community at large.


Aimed at years 3-8 this segment is full of energy and simple to understand. It has been designed to use in different situations, with or without additional resources.

Target: Schools and Parents of years 3-8


Aimed at years 9+ this segment deals with what it feels like for a teenager with ASD. Your fi rst day at school, learning to drive a car, all things we take for granted. You'll fi nd out how things like this affect someone with ASD.

Target: Schools, Parents of year 9+, Sports groups and Community activity groups.